Moving in and moving along

Hey gang, I’m reporting to you semi-live from somewhere between my old life and my new (power, let alone some form of internet, has yet to be turned on at the new apartment). You’ll all be glad to know that I’ve got Shell Scripting 101 into XML form now, and have already begun working on the revisions and updates. Actually, I think I’m probably a little more than halfway done with them right now, and it shouldn’t be too long before I’ve got it up.

I’ve also decided that axis.dtd, the DTD I’ve been using for all these documents, is arriving at a stage of complexity where I’m not afraid to publish it. Some of you have probably looked at it by now, and if anyone has any drastic changes they would like to suggest, by all means email me, but I think it’s at the point where I don’t mind sharing it, and some of you might see fit to publish your stuff accordingly.

The XSL files have lagged behind a bit because, quite frankly, XSL is messy and I don’t like mucking around with it. I will be bringing that up to speed to match the new DTD before I publish shell101 v.1.1, but to be honest, it would be so much easier to write the converters in Java, Perl, or maybe even C… well, maybe not C. I might start work on something that makes writing to axis.dtd easier though, if there’s enough interest.

Well gang, I would love to stick around and chat, but I have another six hour drive between old life and new life to prepare for. This whole moving thing can’t go on much longer, for the pure and simple principle that I’m running out of money, so I should be at the new homestead (and maybe have some new updates) in short order.

Oh, and remember, all my US readers, to vote for someone. Unless you’re voting for Bush, in which case it’s probably just better for everyone if you forget the whole thing.

Submissions Wanted

Have you ever done anything cool??? Do you have a new and interesting app, a nifty shell script, or a helpful doc? Would you like to share it with the rest of the Free Software and Open Documentation world? Then by all means, this is the place to send it. The Axis of Time is always looking for sudmissions, no matter how simple or complex. If you want to attain the fame and glory that goes along with publishing Free Software and Open Doc, then send an email my way